Me + Organization

Two strengths:

Using a calendar and keeping my belongings neat and safe

Two areas for growth:

Using my agenda more and using tiny calendar more

One goal I have for the next 6 weeks is:

Too use this new feature we learned on google classroom, because it helps organise my work, and shows clearly what I did and what I need to do.

Summer Blog Post!

Today we were making like summer blog posts on what excites us. Here as you can see, I drew mine. And basically what mine is showing is like the aiplane I am going to fly in. You might think; “why is this important?” Well it is because this is the biggest passenger plane in the world. And that is not the most important thing in my summer, but it’s pretty cool. Anyway, another thing is, is that I did not just draw. If you look toward the bottom left, you will see some writing. What it says is: I get to go home! I get to meet Simon! I’m with my family! Business Class! Biggest plane in the world! Fun! So what I am saying is some of the things that I am really excited about! So anyway, this was a quick look at my Summer Blog Post!

Lost Boys (and Girls) of Sudan

In class we were talking about the lost boys (and girls) of Sudan. What happened was there was a war in Sudan. The north wanted to kill all male children, regardless of there age. So they had to flee. This is a map of amarica, and the places where they fled to in it. So as you can see, this map has some clues of where or how they fled to amarica. Also, the maps have a color coding. Red has a lot of emigrants, and brown doesn’t. And then it goes from orange (a lot) to like purple (few). Anyway something I noticed was, that to the south are the only “red” states. Now, maybe this means that the emigrants came from the south and a lot of them stayed there. So this is what kindof happened.